Data Management iBOSS™

Accurate data is the back-bone of any contact management database system.  iBOSS™ provides the most encompassing and sophisticated processes, integrated data solutions, and algorithms to ensure data accuracy and integrity while eliminating redundancy and duplicate records.


Total Market Integration (TMI)

TMI is a revolutionary front-end software solution connected directly to your iBOSS™ database that provides target market search functionality, overall market analysis, and other useful end-user tools,

allowing your company to search and drill down into your contact data using a simplified interface. TMI improves decision making and increases productivity of your sales and marketing efforts while protecting your core contact data.


  • Perform targeted searches using demographics data
  • View and analyse demographic data on a market level
  • Identify new business opportunities
  • Access your contact data in real time
  • Export and download your data
  • Visualize geographic coverage by selected demographics on a map.



Total Data Integration (TDI)

TDI was developed specifically to address the needs of the data industry.  The resulting software is powerful, scalable, and provides a fully integrated data solution that functions together with other solutions developed or licensed from other third party providers, providing a turnkey, outsourced system for all areas of Data Management including:


•       Data Security •       Data Privacy Protection
•       Data Portability •       Data Erasure
•       Data Breaches •       Data Control
•       Data Processing •       Data Hosting
•       Data Health Analysis •       Data Enrichment


The goal was to create an integrated system that would:

  • Provide sophisticated features to take multiple contact databases, regardless of source or formatting, and unify them into a single, more usable dataset. From there, we identify duplicates, standardize data such as titles, phone and fax numbers, addresses and such. In addition, we identify contact records that are out of date, and suggest new data points needed to make our client’s data as actionable as possible.
  • Provide Data Enrichment services by leveraging our Global Database, we help our clients discover missing or inaccurate contacts in their database and update them instantly with 50+ additional fields.
  • Allow database access so powerful queries can be built dynamically to extract and analyse data.
  • Enables integration with TMI software solution.


Total Compliance Integration (TCI)

Software solution to ensure digital “Opt-In” data obtained through ConnectTech service is accurately appended to relative contact record in client’s iBOSS™ database.  Objective is to ensure compliance with Global Privacy Regulations “Consent Capture” and “Data Storage” requirements.



Customer Communications Strategies


Lead Generation

Contact Data Acquisition Profit Support Solution, leveraging our Global Database of 300+ million contacts (200+Million International, 100+Million U.S.) to help our clients generate targeted leads to drive growth through new market penetration.

  • Each contact is linked to company firmographic data, providing a complete business persona.
  • Each contact email address offered has been validated. Using our cutting-edge algorithms, we then take various sources of information about a person, and double-verify all data. We then synthesize the data points into a single, accurate contact record, making the contact databases we serve highly accurate and more actionable than ever.

Consent Capture

Recording, storage, and maintenance of digital capture of “Opt-in” data subject validation and acquisition obtained through ConnectTech BPO process and services.

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