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Introduction and Overview


Since 1986, ADS Global (ADS) has been developing Business Process Outsourcing, Data Management, and Profit Support solutions for business clients with a wide variety of consulting, data management/privacy compliance, audience marketing/lead generation, market intelligence and contact center management needs.  The company is headquartered near Philadelphia where the main Network Operations Center (NOC) is located at a co-location facility operated by LightTower/Sidera in the primary downtown carrier hotel serving the region.  ADS moved its main operational facility to Montego Bay, Jamaica in 2001, providing a range of sales, customer service, and web facilitated interaction for clients and their customers around the world. We have grown to employ more than 500 professionals in the Montego Bay facility, located at building #5 of the Montego Bay Freezone, with a total of 15,000 square feet of office space. ADS currently employs more than 25 IT professionals, 25 fulfilment and data operations personnel, 30 supervisors and operations management staff, 50 support staff in quality control, accounting, HR, facilities, etc., and 300 agents.  ADS maintains facilities and sales offices in Philadelphia, New York, Cleveland, California, Ireland, and the United Kingdom.



Our operational facilities are designed to deliver a wide range of services including:


  • Integrated database management and development
  • Data entry and subscription fulfilment
  • Web‐enabled sales and customer service
  • Audience Management services
  • Customer acquisition and retention through outbound and inbound telemarketing
  • IT help desk and other technical support
  • Market research and customer value management
  • Integrated Database Marketing and Customer Communications services
  • Interactive sales and customer services
  • E‐mail and regular mail processing
  • Social Media list generation and customer interaction.
  • Outbound email campaigns.
  • A full range of communication facilities like real time email sent and confirmed during the call, tracking of customer’s interests by monitoring web activities, web chat, and SMS text messages.
  • Consulting and Data Management Solutions to ensure Compliance with Global Privacy Regulations.


Quality service is our hallmark, and our goal is to consistently deliver the highest quality service to and on behalf of our clients in the most cost effective manner. We work as a partner in maximizing our clients’ reputations as providers of goods and services. Many clients expect ADS to handle highly sensitive personal and financial information. We are cognizant of our client’s need to maintain their reputation for integrity in the modern world of identity theft and fraud. We constantly review PCI compliance standards to ensure that the information is safe and secure on servers in the ADS US based Network Operation Center and in the call center. All sensitive information is encrypted and delivered over secure channels when transmitted to clients.  ADS is also on the listing for meeting compliance requirements with the following agencies; U.S. Department of Commerce and European Commission Privacy Shield Framework, Canada’s Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).  ADS will also be fully compliant with requirements of the European Union Global Data Protection Regulation scheduled for enforcement starting May 25, 2018.


ADS is an active member of the Business Process Industry Association of Jamaica (BPIAJ – www.bpiaj.org). One of the ADS company directors was involved in the founding of the association and served on the Association Board of Directors.  Our CEO is the former Vice President of the Jamaican branch of the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham – www.amchamjamaica.org). In the US, we are members of the Fulfilment Management Association and the Association for Audience Marketing Professionals.  ADS is also represented on the BPA Telemarketing Advisory Committee.


ADS Competitive Advantage


ADS is more than a database management company and contact center.  We work in all industries to maximize contact with our client’s customers and help our clients develop targeted marketing programs and supporting material.  We maintain customer databases for our clients in the Philadelphia NOC where transactions from the various digital communications channels constantly update the information in real time.   Our web engaged teleservices include real time email design, development, delivery and verification during the call, ensuring that we have accurate contact information that is checked and corrected in real time.  These and other electronic communication services like chat, social media monitoring and response, targeted email campaigns, SMS texts and automated calling/Interactive Voice Response using pre-recorded messages can be used to help or clients maximize customer satisfaction and strengthen their brand.  ADS utilizes full service multi-channel web based communications and social media interaction for clients to maximize sales and customer awareness.


Managing customer databases for clients requires a high level of network, server and staffing security measures to ensure the integrity of the client and customer data.  Being involved in several banking projects ADS has passed detail security reviews and implemented stringent network and infrastructure policies to prevent loss of data and maximize data security.  A summary overview of these requirements is available on request, and represents a small sample of the detailed level at which ADS manages its operations to meet the needs of its clients.


ADS has also taken steps to develop product and service offerings in the areas of Business Process Outsourcing, Data Management/Enrichment, Profit Support Solutions, and Global Privacy Compliance Consulting.

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